How to Play the B Ukulele Chord with 3 Easy Variations - Ukuleles Review (2024)

How to Play the B Ukulele Chord with 3 Easy Variations - Ukuleles Review (1)

Beginning ukulele learners often feel it: You may be spinning right alongside, playing, and singing, and you are playing your C chord, Am, F, or even G. After that, you need to strum B and will make up your mind to take a break. Okay, but it’s not a solution if you wish to master this new B ukulele chord.

The B might likely be the most intimidating beginning chord for the aspirant ukulele player. We shatter it down. Then, we observe why it is too difficult. Let’s find the right solution to playing this ukulele chord so it may become as easy as any other chord.

The fingering of this chord seems to be pretty much the same as Bb or B flat, but all drop down to one fret. Bb’s barre index finger remains on the 1st fret, and B major remains on the 2nd fret.

Since it does not have to us now, we crave to show how to play it whenever it becomes a half-barre chord. It implies that one finger enwraps two strings. If it’s a full barre, you’ll apply one finger to all four Strings.

How to Play B Chord on Ukulele

What’s called a “barre” (pronounced “bar”) is used by the B. You should press your first finger outrightly on two strings – the 1st and 2nd strings each at the second fret. That’s the barre. After that, place your 2nd finger on the 3rd string on the 3rd fret and your 3rd finger on the 4th string on the 4th fret.

Root Position: B Major Chord

You can entirely or partially barre your index finger while playing B on the ukulele. Applying the whole finger, release it at the top of the second fret and squeeze on the rest of the strings, making sure that there’s no one muted.

A partial barre is simply playing the E and A strings using the top of the index finger. The 3rd finger plays the 3rd fret on the C string. Again on the G string, the ring finger plays the 4th fret. The last two fingers should be as outright as possible so they can’t intervene with the different strings.

To reiterate the moves:

  • You press the E and A strings a half bar (or you might accomplish a full barre) on the 2nd fret using your index finger.
  • To press the C string at the third fret, employ your mid-finger.
  • Apply one of your unused fingers to press the G string at the 4th fret.

How to Play the B Ukulele Chord with 3 Easy Variations - Ukuleles Review (2)

First Inversion: B Major Chord

Okay, unluckily, even the reverse of this chord seems troublesome. We’ll move on to a few more ways to play B ukulele chords. Hopefully, you get some of them that are simple to use.

The root position doesn’t seem that difficult, but it’s more complicated than the other major chords without E major, which appears to be an actual pain.

Below is another way that how you can accomplish this chord:

  • Press the G string at the fourth fret using your index finger.
  • Apply your mid-finger to pressing the C string at the sixth fret.
  • Also, utilize your ring finger for pressing the A string at the sixth fret.
  • Employ your little finger to press the E string at the seventh fret.

As we mentioned earlier, it is not about to be a straightforward task, but you’ll be capable of taking it under control with some practice. If you feel it to be simple, you might advance with the index finger and concentrate more on other fingers and proper arching except for muting any other strings.

How to Play the B Ukulele Chord with 3 Easy Variations - Ukuleles Review (3)

Second Inversion: The B Ukulele Chord

This B chord might become one of the simple approaches to performing in our opinion. Besides, you practice it correctly, but it should require a little less time to learn than the other two versions of this chord.

Again, you’ll become capable of employing your index finger to press 2-strings together here, which means you’ll simply be utilizing three fingers to play this chord.

You’ll find the exact sequence of finger positions below. Also, you will get a visual diagram of how to accomplish it right, just as always.

  • On the sixth fret, employ your Index finger to press the C and A strings.
  • Apply your mid-finger to pressing the E string on the seventh fret.
  • On the eighth fret, utilize the Ring finger or the little finger for pressing the G string.

It’s pretty simple, isn’t it? However, you have to exercise it and employ it when you feel straightforward to shift from it or to any other chord.

How to Play the B Ukulele Chord with 3 Easy Variations - Ukuleles Review (4)

Popular Songs that use the B Ukulele Chord

The English-Irish boy band One Direction has performed “What Makes You Beautiful.” It appeared in their debut album, Up All Night (2011), the first solo and lead single. Composed by Savan Kotecha and producer Rami Yakub, Psycho Records revealed this song on 11 September 2011.

This uptempo power-pop melody incorporates an extraordinary guitar-based break and riff. Center eight is made up of a “Na Na Na” hook.

How to Play the B Ukulele Chord with 3 Easy Variations - Ukuleles Review (5)

This song might also be effortlessly played with a ukulele and features our new favorite chord – the B chord. The boys of One Direction have created an extensive boom in the music scene. Therefore, this track would be acknowledged while playing it.

Click Here for What Makes You Beautiful Uke Chord.

Conclusion – How to Play B Ukulele Chord

Indeed, we remain at the final touch of another tough cord. We have informed you of some basic information and a step-by-step guide with the original position and a few other variations so you can attain your aim.

Hard work is essential to be successful. So, keep on practicing consistently to be triumphant.

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How to Play the B Ukulele Chord with 3 Easy Variations - Ukuleles Review (2024)
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