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June is i 9 month a Shelbyville Kentucky 40065 Thursday June 22 1967 OLDEST ESTABLISHED WEEKLY NEWSPAPER OUNDED 1840 VOL CHVI NO 43 ire Chief Resigns Post Bobby Whitaker Had Served Brief Time The resignation of Mr Bobby Whitaker Chief of Shelbyville ire Department was accepted by the City Council at its meet ing of last Thursday night and became effective June 15 arrell Taylor and Harold Willard have been appointed to serve as co captalns They serve alternating 24 hour shifts Mr Whitaker worked for the Shelby County Rural Road De partment and the Southwestern Tobacco Company before being employed by the ire Depart ment in March 1963 Mr Whitaker was made ire Chief in August 1966 succeeding Rhene Strange Dairy Princess Will Be Crowned AT RECC riday A special dairy farm and breakfast will be held riday morning June 23 as a part of the local observance of June Dairy Month The dairy farm of Mr Her bert McDowell of Simpsonville has been selected for the tour This is one of the more modern dairy operations in Kentucky and gives a good contrast bet ween dairying of today and that of a few years back After the tour the group will go to Shelby County High School where breakfast will be served by the lnchville Jr Homemakers The Henry Clay Alumni Association gathered last Saturday night for its biannual meeting to reminisce about the old days and to honor Prof and Mrs IL Tempel for their contributions to the school Pictured here are graduates of the school which was started in 1926 rOo2'LrQ 43 OQBIkW'W vwuk 1 fiwWI h'h niwQ Owl I AfW wn wl gaf AO PftCw t4 erwS i 5 Club The entire program is scheduled to end before 8:00 am Dairying is a $5000000 in dustry in Shelby County with over 400 dairies producing for fluid consumption and over 200 produciiig for manufacturing purposes Shelby is No 1 dairy county Mrs Hall New Bridge Spans Old Taylorsville The old Bailey bridge on the Old Taylorsville Road over Clear Creek has been replaced with a temporary one This $3300 replacement was financed by the state out of their emer gency fund It will hold 18 tons and is very safe say engineers New Clerk of Draff Board Mrs Wilma Tindall has been appointed as Clerk of Local Board No 89 of the Selective Service System and will begin her new duties July 3 1967 riday June 23 will be the last day for Mrs Gilbert Wilborn who has resigned Mrs Wilborn stated ing with the Board John Martin Chairman Julian Wood Ben Staples Edmond Deest Lynn Connor and Mr Roy Cinnamond until he resigned last year has been a very re warding experience These menchieve the almost impossible task of balancing their duty of upholding the regulations of Se lective Service System and a sympathetic understanding of those registrants with special The old bridge had been struck many times with heavily loaded trucks and was very dangerous Plans are being made for a new permanent bridge which will be relocated The new bridge will be built by the state and will cost approximately $160000 With the construction of the new bridge there is a pos sibility that the old of Clear may have vanished The ghost apparently came only at night Witnesses swore to the sighting of the ghost but with the next breath swallowed a drink of The bridge became such an attraction two years ago that on any night at least twenty five cars could be seen When the bridge became more of a teenage disaster area than a ghostly hazard the state police stepped in In addition to ghostly spirits there were numerous sightings of a bloody faced woman Re ports say that when this excuse for a woman walked by windows fe Zs4 IS I I IWtsWl liV MWfJ 31 pI Jirfw I I ii CT9 Carol Tipton (SENTINEL reporter1) learns some of the finer points of modern dairy methods from Mr Tate in the area glowed Accordingto state troopers the origin of the woman and the glowing win dows could be found within those twenty five cars Local Man Out On $500 Bond Nelson Howard Stallard Shelbyville hasbeen released on $500 bond to appear for trial in City Court Saturday morning According to police Stallard was arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated at a speed of 100 miles in a 30 mile speed limit evading a police officer and driving without an operators license He was arrested after his car cut off a telephone pole on 60 west of Shelbyville Japanese Beetle Traps To Be Placed Mayor Jesse Puckett has asked the residents of Shelby ville to permit the placing of a Japanese beetle trap on their premises and thus cooperate with the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station and the US Department of Agriculture Plant Pest Control Division in their effort to control the Japanese beetle The aromatic oil in the trap gives off an odor which attracts Japanese beetles that may be in the vicinity Children should not be permitted to disturb the oil since if taken internally it may cause gastric disturbances A IM Jf AB irM Xl 1 I Xa 4 gXk i 3i I Honors received by Prof and Mrs II Tempel by the Alumni of Henry Clay School at the class reun ion Saturday night included a trip to the State Park of their choice matching set of luggage and the plaque bearing the inscription Loving Appreciation for your faithful 175th Celebration Plans Advanced County Tobacco es tival presents Shelby County will be the theme of a giant celebration Wednesday Octo ber 11 Members of the 175th Anniversary and Tobacco estival committees held a joint meeting a night to dis cuss plans Rubber stamps with the out line of Shelby County and the words County 175th Anniversary founded Sept 1 are now being sold to merchants to be used on mail and receipts The committee hopes to get a team from the Grand Ole Opry to give shows in the afternoon at the airgrounds and to play for a dance that night Plans for a pageant about Squire Boone with Robert Shy as writer director and pro ducer were also made Store decorations special sales a parade barbeque to bacco show long rifle and ar chery exhibition Squire Boone contest blockhouse and giant birthday cake was also dis cussed William Chenault At Hospital Improving William Chenault is at the Kings Daughters Hospital for treatment His condition is re ported to be improved MMin' fl 1 1 UV iA i 1 Li Bird The unit shown is a chute" where the cows ars milked and fed in one operation A typical pasture scene of grazing Holsteins in Shelby County home of dairy industry 24 PAGES IN THIS ISSLE Vandalism Stirs Up Martinsville Councilman Mack Suggests City Hire Negro Patrolman to Curb Problem Recent outbreaks of vanda lism in Martinsville were re ported by Councilman Lee Mack in a city council meeting Thurs day night June 15 Councilman Mack said that young people were out on the streets late at night especially on weekends doing damage to community and private property They have thrown rocks at people and property broken all the windows of the school in Martinsville and thrown cans in yards Two weeks ago they tore down the flag pole in the school yard They have torn down traffic signs and have de stroyed the new signs that were put up just this summer Council Voles Plumbing Code Chains and signs to block the Lakeview entrance to the Shelbyville Golf and ishing Club and the Seventh Street entrance to Southside School was one of the proposals passed by the Shelbyville City Council at its regular bi monthly meet ing Thursday night June 15 The council also passed an ordinance adopting the National Electric Code of 1965 the Ken tucky Plumbing Code of 1967 the 1967 National Building Code and the suggested Housing and Unsafe Building Code of 1966 Councilman Mack also re ported that teen agers were driving up and down Tenth Street between College and High Streets at 50 and60mph They had also been speeding on College and High Chief of Police Jake Brum mett said that one such driver was arrested several weeks ago and fined $50 and costs Councilman Mack said that of the trouble is due to a lack of control at suggested that the city hire a Negro policeman to help curtail the trouble City Bible School Nearing an End Vacation Bible School a high light of summer for many child ren is being held in several local churches this week Good attendance and well planned activities mark this programs The irst Christian Church and the irst Presbyterian Church are having a joint Bible School It began June 12 and will end June 23 with commence ment at 7:30 pm riday even ing at the irst Christian Church Mrs Tom Barker is director at the Christian Church where 60 younger children are enrolled Thirty six juniors at tend Bible School at the Presby terianChurch under the di rection of Mrs Robert Pearce The council discussed the ap pointment of Mr Joe Wakefield as inspector to see that property in the city conforms to the pro visions of these codes Mr James Todd KU Manager in Shelbyville suggested that electricians be invited to the training sesslbn to familiarize them with the pro visions of the codes An inspection of property will be necessary when there is a change of construction or oc cupancy The fee for this in spection will be paid by the owner The city will pay $300 per house for an initial in spection of other homes if owners request it The in spections will take about five years The Council voted to lease a space in the former Garage on Washington Street between Sixth and Seventh Streets from Dr Don Chatham to store the equipment for the 200 bed emergency hospital that will soon be ready for operation The city and the county will share equally in payment of the $60 a month rent Councilman Lee Nor Mack reported that children had been swimming in the Municipal Pool late at night Mayor Puckett said that eight children were caught swimming in the pool about 2 am Saturday morning They were barred from the pool and recreational area for the rest of the summer Bible School began June 12 at the irst Baptist Church and ended Wednesday June 21 Commencement was Wednesday night at 7:30 pm Rev red Moffatt Jr was principal of the school which had an enroll ment of 169 Monday June 19 marked the beginning of Bible School at the Centenary Methodist Church an enrollment of 62 Bible Sch ool will be held through June 30 with commencement Sunday July 2 at 6:00 pm Mrs red Douglas is directing the pro gram Bible School began June 14 at Highland Baptist Church and will end June 23 Commence ment will be Sunday night June 25 at 7:00 pm Mrs Gordon Reynolds is principal of the school which has an enrollment of 223 The Vacation Bible School will begin at the inchville Baptist Church June 26 and will continue through July 2 from 8:30 am until 11:30 each day On Sunday June 25 a panel dis cussion on delinquency juve nile and adult will be held at the evening service at 8:15 pm Pigeon ork Homecoming The Pigeon ork Baptist Church will have Homecoming June 25 The Rev Wallace Williams interim pastor of the church will speak at the morn ing worship service WE HUISTfRf 0 HDtSTEiNS HARVEY OUVALL st STREAMVUE ARM i SZZ'V Iw Mi JB 9 An attractive newly painted sign marks the en trance to one of Shelby County's many outstanding dairy farms "i Lc' aArtSL jax.

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