Air Conditioner Supply in Abilene TX 79607 (2024)

Most Trusted A/C Repair in Abilene TX

Air Condition Pros of Abilene lets their customers fully understand of what they should expect from them when they require AC repair services. The group we have follows a standard on how maintenance works are done regardless of the trouble with your product. When we work on your property, we will value your property, that’s an guarantee and we’ll provide you well timed updates of the works. Air Condition Pros of Abilene has skilled HVAC technicians on staff who do repair job right the very first time. In case you have questions in mind about your home heating and AC, you may get in touch with us and take advantage of of our solutions you can rely on. Air Condition Pros of Abilene offers you A/C repair for residents and commercial establishments in Abilene TX. Whether you have a large work or little job for us, we’ll get it. In fact, we give each and every job a similar amount of devoted commitment. Summer season in Abilene TX can get sweltering at times, and you shouldn't have to be not comfortable in your home or company. We assure to reply as quickly as possible to any phone call concerning a busted or inefficient air conditioning unit and we will evaluate the issue and provide you with a economical price. We believe you will be genuinely pleased with our quotation. We promise 100% total satisfaction on every project. Works aren't going to be announced as finished as long as you are not perfectly pleased with our works. If a system replacement is likely to be necessary, we'll be happy to speak with you about it and provide you with the options that we think would work best for you. You should not search for other service providers in Abilene TX as Air Condition Pros of Abilene provide reliable and top-quality works. Putting customer happiness more than anything else has helped us to become a leader in the market. Contact us right now and let's talk about what exactly you need!

24/7 Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

The response time of our service is well beyond the industry average. Because we value and appreciate your premises and property, we provide you priority and deal with your contact with the emergency it deserves. Our clients look for our services and do not seek out other suppliers as a result of these. Our ac emergency repairs are well guided by a strong corporate culture and perform ethics. Open line connection is essential and we value that. That is why we made it offered even the specialists are still on its way to your location. Ahead of the fixing works are initiated, few probing questions will be brought up by our pro specialists. At Air Condition Pros of Abilene, we create enduring perception. In answering your needs, we use all of the available resources such as the high tech technological innovation.

Expert Air Conditioning Installment

We will be at your assistance. Either it’s an installation in your residence of a new air conditioner or just replacing the old ones. Expertise such as the capacity to size, recommend, and install cooling systems are all included in the NATE (North American Technician Excellence) of which our technicians possess. In doing work with you, we take a look at exactly how you would probably achieve your comfort and ease goals while thinking of your financial allowance in addition to taking a look at the structural of your respective property or home.

Reliable Specialist Air Conditioner Replacement

No matter the reason you're looking to replace your AC system, our team will make sure you obtain the proper unit for your needs. Since 1980, our Air Condition Pros of Abilene has been running in Abilene TX. The number of years of service will be able to tell that we can be respected to perform a good job. If you are in a position where replacement is something you simply cannot do, we have another choice for you to choose so we can still have your air conditioning operating on that same day. Life is packed with difficulties, do not get this to trouble add to the list. Don’t worry on how to keep your loved ones cool.

Trusted Air Conditioning Service

Trying to find a service to work on your air conditioner troubles? If you need our service and want a price quotation for a new installation or perhaps a quick repair, contact us. Our professional workforce will make sure you get the best service you are worthy of. Our AC service specialists can easily set and run your system because of tools and training they have. We have got whatever your AC needs! It’s unusual that we are unable to complete the AC repair works within the day. If attending the needs of the faulty air conditioning unit, home owners or even landlords can make use of this AC service.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

If you enroll in a typical maintenance schedule for your AC unit, then you can lengthen its life and reduce the amount you shell out in breakages or vital repairs. Our experts are skilled to look for potential troubles while they are still minor and inexpensive to fix. Have your AC system checked out before the warm summer time weather arrives. That’s strongly suggested. This can often help you from having to place an unexpected emergency call in the future.

Areas We Cover Include: 79601, 79602, 79603, 79604, 79605, 79606, 79607, 79608, 79697, 79698, 79699

Air Conditioner Supply in Abilene TX 79607 (2024)


Are air conditioners in short supply? ›

Air-conditioner manufacturers face shortage of products or models due to unprecedented demand.

How long do air conditioners last in Texas? ›

As a Texas homeowner, it's important to know how long you can typically expect an air conditioner to last on average. Although many factors can impact the life expectancy of an AC unit, an air conditioner that's properly taken care of will typically remain productive and healthy for between 15 and 20 years.

What temperature should air conditioner supply be? ›

Roughly 18–22 degrees colder then the air temperature entering the filter or return air. So, if you have a 75 degree return you should have between a 53–57 degree supply air temperature.

What size air conditioner do I need Texas? ›

You'll need 20 BTUs for every square foot of space. It's important to also consider the ceiling height, how large the windows are, and if the rooms are shaded. Once you calculate the square footage, you'll multiply it by 20.

Which AC unit lasts longest? ›

Here's how long some of the most common types of AC last:

Portable AC — 5-10 years. Residential single whole-home AC unit — 15 years. Central air-source heat pumps — 15 years (and up to 20–25 years if well-maintained and in a well insulated home) Ductless mini-split AC systems (heat pumps) — 20 years.

What is the lifespan of an AC? ›

Modern air conditioners can last between 15-20 years, and older air conditioners last around 10-12 years. The health and efficiency of your A/C depends on a number of factors, including whether or not you properly maintained the unit throughout its lifetime.

How much does it cost to replace an AC unit in Texas? ›

Adding a central air conditioning unit to your current ductwork usually ranges from $4,000 to $8,000. Unit and ductwork. Installing new ductwork along with the unit ranges from $9,000 to $12,000.

How long can you go without AC in Texas? ›

For most problems, landlords are required to have the problem fixed, or at least make a diligent effort toward doing so, within seven days of being notified of it. However, in situations that involve a lack of heating, air conditioning, or water, the landlord only has three days to fix the issue.

Do I need a permit to replace my air conditioner in Texas? ›

Repairs to air conditioning units do require a permit. This includes the replacement of coils. Additionally, when replacing the condensing unit and/or heating unit(s), a permit must be obtained.

Is 78 too hot for a house? ›

According to Energy Star, it's an ideal temperature. 78 degrees keeps you fairly cool and comfortable during the day. It also shouldn't make your electric bill skyrocket. Start with your thermostat at 78.

How long should it take to cool a house from 80 to 72? ›

How Long Should It Take for the AC to Cool My House? Generally speaking, it should take one hour per degree to reach the temperature set on your thermostat. For an average three-bedroom home, it typically takes about three hours.

What temperature is too cold for AC unit? ›

The Dangers of “Too Cold”

Additionally, lower settings can cause your evaporator coil to freeze. There isn't enough heat exchange, so ice forms on the coil, causing the system to stop working until it defrosts. Any temperature below about 68 degrees puts you in danger of freezing.

What is the SEER requirement for Texas AC? ›

Texas and other Southeast states require residential central air conditioners to have a SEER2 rating of 14.3, which equates to a SEER rating of 15. For comparison, the minimum standard for the Southeast in 2022 was a SEER rating of 14.

What size air conditioner do I need for a 12x15 room? ›

Using this example, a 12 x 15 foot room is 180 square feet; multiplied by 25 this yields 4,500 BTU of required cooling capacity. By following this rule, you get ample cooling on a rainy or hot, sunny day. But you can also determine size by considering an A/C needs 20 BTU per square foot.

What time of the year are air conditioners the cheapest? ›

In the dead of winter, HVAC companies are extremely busy installing heating systems across the country, making their installation prices much higher due to the demand for service. For this reason, buying an air conditioner in the fall or spring may be your best bet for getting the cheapest units and installations.

Are AC units getting more expensive? ›

HVAC manufacturer prices continue to rise in 2024, with many manufacturers announcing price hikes across equipment, parts, and supplies.

Do air conditioners run out? ›

A common belief is that refrigerant gas runs out over time and therefore needs to be recharged. However, this is incorrect. The refrigerant gas in the air conditioning system is not consumed or used up with normal use. The refrigerant simply circulates through the system, without fading or depleting.

Are AC units getting better? ›

1. Improved insulation and sealing: Newer air conditioner systems usually have better insulation and improved sealing of ducts to minimize air leaks. This, in turn, reduces air loss and maximizes cooling efficiency.

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